27 março 2018,


Multimodal approaches in experimental psychology and clinical neuroscience and psychiatry: bringing together research groups from Bavaria and São Paulo

(FAPESP/BAYLAT GRANT 2017/50223-7)

The aim of these workshops is bringing together leading research groups in the field of clinical neuroscience, clinical psychiatry and experimental psychology from the states of São Paulo and Bavaria.

The workshop dates are:

São Paulo, Brazil – 20 to 23 / November / 2018.

Bavaria, Germany – 27 to 30/ March / 2019.


1) Participants must be

  • PhD students about to defend thesis, i.e., no later than 18.11.2019 OR early carrier researchers, i.e., PhDs who defended their thesis less than 10 years ago, i.e., after 18.11.2008, AND
  • From higher education institutions or research centers in the state of Bavaria or the state of São Paulo.


2) To insure representability of different research groups, no more than 5 (five) applicants will be recruited from the same research institutions of the coordinators/mentors:

  • In São Paulo; no more than 5 will come from the Institute of Psychiatry, Clinics Hospital AND the Department of Experimental Psychology, Institute of Psychology at USP in São Paulo.
  • In Bavaria;no more than 5 will come from the Department of Psychiatry, LMU Munich; AND Faculty of Psychology, LMU Munich AND the Department of Ophthalmology, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg.


4) The candidates should submit in English to [email protected] :

  • A 2-page CV, informing about their current position, doctoral topic, selected scientific publications, participation in congresses, lectures, workshops and conferences, and previous bilateral cooperations;
  • A 1-page (<500 word) motivational letter describing their academic interests and explaining how participation will be beneficial to the candidate and to the workshop objectives;
  • A title of his/her presentation, if the candidate is selected (each participant will present an 8-min oral talk for an audience of researchers, followed by a 4-min Q&A session).


5) The candidates will be selected based on the relevance of their research to the objectives of the workshops and their CV.


6) Each curriculum and letter will be evaluated by a mentor or coordinator, who will indicate if the candidate is among the top 1%, 5% better, 10% better or 50% better to attend the workshops. After this separate evaluation, potential candidates will be decided by the coordinators by consensus.


7) This public call will be disseminated through various means of communication. The call deadline is June 29th, 2018 for researchers from São Paulo, and July 20th, 2018 for researchers from Bavaria..


8) The selected candidates will be announced within 30 days of the end of the call.


9) All candidates selected to participate in the workshop will have travel and accommodation costs sponsored by FAPESP and BAYLAT.


Please check out our FAQ http://www.sin.org.br/fapesp_baylat-faq/ ‎


Preliminary agenda  |  Selection process